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Earning her B.A. in Creative Writing and minoring in History in the naughts and getting a Master's in Tourism Administration not too long ago, Caitlin has been writing about a variety of topics for, like, decades now... She has previously been featured in Shecky's Media (now defunct), Where Magazine, BeSpoke Concierge, Concierge Preferred, The Real Chicago, and ghostwriting stints on Verblio, TripsbyTips, GMbH, and ClearVoice. On an entrepreneurial level, she owns and operates Townie4Hire, a Chicago-based tourism logistics service hand-tailored to clients' needs. 
When not galavanting as an amazing freelancer, Caitlin's perusing the streets of Chicago and scoping out the music scene. Also, she loves watching M*A*S*H with her two cats, Yo-Yo and Skittle. She is aware that this is next-level crazy-cat-lady status.




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